Post-Stroke Rehabilitation at Home

Post-stroke recovery plays a crucial role in helping individuals regain skills that may be lost due to brain damage caused by a stroke. The effectiveness of post-stroke rehabilitation becomes particularly evident when the focus shifts to empowering stroke survivors with tailored neurorehabilitation programmes that enable them to continue their recovery journey in the comfort of their homes. This home-based approach enhances the overall benefits of post-stroke care, fostering a more supportive and personalised environment for individuals as they strive to rebuild their abilities. The post-stroke care team will design a carefully directed neurorehabilitation programme which empowers stroke patients to continue their essential post-stroke rehab at home.

Rehabilitating At Home

In a major study in Stroke*, a leading healthcare journal published by the American Heart Association, researchers found that stroke patients who rehabilitated at home after only 10 days in the hospital had a faster recovery and, after three months, were farther advanced in assimilating back into their familiar surroundings than those who weren’t sent home.

The typical length of a hospital stay after a stroke is five to seven days, and during that time in the hospital, the stroke care team will have identified the type of stroke, evaluated its effects, and recommended a rehabilitation plan.

*The effect was the greatest when the early supported discharge was provided by a coordinated multidisciplinary team and for stroke patients with mild to moderate disability.




Rehabilitation Plan

The rehabilitation plan may necessiate some time in an inpatient rehabilitation facility or a blend of being at home with visits to an outpatient rehabilitaiton clinic as required. The severity or type of stroke is the key to determining this.

Experience hospital-grade rehab therapy at home with THERA-Trainer Tigo 558. Tailored for individual needs, it enables leg or upper body exercises with or without motorised assistance, ensuring precision in-home rehabilitation.

If the rehabilitation programme recommends regular power, endurance and mobility training, the THERA-Trainer Tigo 558 facilitates this and enables functional recovery and improved motor skills.

The THERA-Trainer Tigo 558 allows effective exercise in all phases of rehabilitation and helps therapists and patients achieve their therapy goals.

No Interruption To Rehabilitation

Critical to post-stroke recovery is to ensure there is no interruption to the rehabilitation plan. You can book the delivery and set-up of the Tigo 558 which enables effective exercise in all phases of rehabilitation and helps patients and therapists achieve their therapy goals.

Having access to hospital-grade rehab therapy at home is essential for continuous progress. The Tigo 558, a true game-changer, ensures uninterrupted rehabilitation. 

How Do I Rent A Tigo 558?

It’s incredibly straightforward. Just schedule a call with our Rehab Service Team, choose a preferred delivery date, and make monthly payments. There’s no obligation to commit to a lengthy contract, and you have the freedom to cancel whenever you wish.

The Tigo 558

Designed and built in Germany by world-renowned THERA-Trainer, the Tigo 558 enables post-stroke patients to exercise their legs or upper body with or without motorised assistance – from their chair or wheelchair. It gently encourages mobility and has a positive effect on many other aspects of health.