Client Testimonials

A short selection of client testimonials and how the THERA-Trainer Tigo has helped with their continuing recovery. 

After my stroke, my physio set goals for me across key areas – strength, coordination, balance, sensation and fitness. I’m now able to easily move using crutches and only use the wheelchair when I’m really tired. My progress is good and that’s in no small part to my training and exercise regime on the THERA-Trainer Tigo. I can work out while watching my favourite programme and other times, I listen to my favourite music and most recently, audio books.”

Liz McMahon

“The stroke left we with partial paralysis of my right side. I made significant recovery with the hospital’s therapy and skilled nursing care. Thanks to my partner, waiting for me when I arrived home was a THERA-Trainer Tigo. That was such an encouragement for me to keep up with my rehab and according to my physio, I’m well ahead of the milestones for my recovery.

Arthur Crowley

I’m stronger than I’ve been in years thanks to my exercise regime on the THERA-Trainer Tigo. I’m a late-comer to using a multi-functional leg and upper body exerciser. I suffered two minor strokes 15 years ago that left me with some slight impairments. My doctor advised that with regular exercise I could rewire my brain to improve those impairments. My walking has improved beyond recognition and my balance, though not perfect, is far better than it was.

Jackie Mulhern

“Following my back injury, I’d a long and painful rehab in hospital. My discharge plan back into my home recommended an exercise rebah bike. As I’m currently wheelchair bound, I’ve found the THERA-Trainer Tigo very easy to use and really important to me, is that I’m able to change the settings as I need. “

Sean McCarthy