Designed for the home

The THERA-Trainer Tigo 558 is a therapy device especially for people with a physical impairment.

The THERA-Trainer Tigo 558 was designed for daily use in facilities or at home and is developed according to the most recent quality and safety standards.

Active (with muscle power), assisted or passive (with motor power) exercise is possible.

Proven to Help Achieve Important Therapy Goals

  • Activation of the cardio-vascular system
  • Activation of metabolism
  • Sustain and strengthen muscular power
  • Increase endurance
  • Sustain mobility (contracture prophylaxis)
  • Tonus regulation (spasticity)
  • Psychological stabilisation

Easy handling

You can easily read out the training parameter on the ergonomic 2.7″ remote control. The remote control, next to the START/STOP button, allows traffic light control for all necessary setting possibilities.

Ergonomical allrounder

The most necessary adaptations on the Tigo 558 can be done by hand and dooes not require an Allen key. Thus, height and distance of the upper body exerciser or the radius can be adjusted quickly and easily to the individual user body height.

German Quality

Made in Germany is a synonym for highest quality, reliability, and safety. 95 % of THERA-Trainer’s carefully selected suppliers have their headquarters in Germany, so Made in Germany applies here as well.

Product specification

Basic Unit
  • High performance, long-lasting and extremely quiet
  • Robust and stable all-metal frame
Device base with castor
  • Height of the device base incl. castors 74 mm
  • Extendible device base made of metal for expanding the base
  • With safety frame
  • Washable and sanitisable
Footrests with 2-stepped radius adjustment
  • Crank radius can be adjusted with tools to 75 mm or 110 mm (2.95 – 4.33 inch)
Leg support
  • Adjustable in height
  • Flexible mounted
  • Soft cushions, washable and sanitizable
Upper body exerciser
  • Incl. long cranks (110 mm / 4.33 inch)
  • Upper body exerciser can be adjusted in height (91.5 – 100.5 cm / 36 – 39.4 inch) and inclination.
  • Incl. holder for control and display unit adjustable in inclination
Grip adapters
  • With quick-release, easy tool-free demountable
  • Washable and sanitisable
Therapy grips
  • With three ergonomic grip positions
  • With quick-release, easy tool-free demountable
  • Washable and sanitisable
Control and display unit with 2.7" colour screen
  • Screen size 51 x 40 mm (2 – 1.6 inch)
  • START/STOP traffic light control
  • Possible settings: Training time (1-180 min); direction of rotation (forwards/backwards) with soft start and stop; number of rotations motor (1-60 U/min); training resistance (steps 0-15); easy-entry; spasticity control (on/off)
  • Switch between leg-/upper body exercising)
  • Possible biofeedback illustrations: symmetry display (right-left-activity) only for leg training
  • Training parameter, readable at one glance all the time: training time, resistance, active-performance, distance, direction of rotation
  • Training evaluation: training distance, calorie consumption
  • Active muscle support: The electronic fly wheel provides a smooth and harmonic movement in case of one-sided or irregular active exercise. Even slowest remaining muscle power can be obtained resp. supported.

  • Product lifetime at home = 7 years

  • Product lifetime in facilities = 5 years

  • Deliverable equipment Wheel set (A001-493); Tip-up protection self-operated (A003-735); Foot fixing (A001-777); Arm rests for therapy grips (A003-724); Arm rests with bar-shaped grips (A002-757); Wristbands for arm rest with bar-shaped grips (A001-427); Arm rest with bar-shaped grips incl. wristbands (A001-426); Wristbands for therapy grips / safety handle (A002-440); Software package Cycling documentation and analysis (A003-725)

Technical data
  • Dimensions L x W x H = 90 cm x 63.5 cm x 111.5-121 cm

  • Weight 39 kg

  • Power supply 230 V, 50/60 Hz
    115 V, 50/60 Hz
    100 V, 50/60 Hz

  • Electric motor leg capacity = 240 W
    input = 130 VA
    normal rating = 80 W

  • Electric motor upper body capacity = 100 Watt
    input = 130 VA
    normal rating = 80 Watt

  • Noise emission LpA > 70 dB (A)

  • Permitted patient height 120 cm – 200 cm

  • Suitable for users with max. weight 120 kg

  • Protecting class class II / type BF / IP21